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Jazz Bar, Hull

In an effort to increase his trade, along with improving the outside decked area that already existed, the owner of Jaz Bar in Hull contacted us to supply some outside coverage for his customers.

After initial discussions, it became clear a retractable solution was required – fixed to the side of the main building to offer coverage over the adjacent decking. With an area of 7m x 4m coverage required we decided upon offering a Med Unica, aluminium structure, with its quick and reliable motorised retracting roof system. Colour of the structure and fabric was chosen by the client, and an order was made.

Because of its status as a listed building, Shade Zone undertook the responsibility of getting planning permission from the local council, which was granted, enabling the project to go ahead.

Installed and commissioned over a period of two days, the Med Unica system was also complimented with the addition of Rattan outdoor furniture and infra-red heaters, all supplied by Shade Zone UK Ltd. The end result was a clean and comfortable outdoor area, offering heat and rain protection during adverse weather conditions, shade from the sun when required – along with the flexibility to open the Med Unica roof when required.

Jazz Bar, Hull

Chipotle – St Martins Place, London

Situated on a busy street corner in London, the store had to comply with several conservation issues when planning was originally submitted. From an early stage, and throughout the project, the stores architects contacted, and continuously liaised with, Shade Zone for guidance with respect to the outside coverage required.

From the start the obvious solution were a series of Traditional Awnings, which would satisfy the conservation issues, as well as offering a suitable and cost effective system for the customer.

Regular dialogue was had with the customers shop fitters, ensuring a smooth installation. In total, we supplied and installed 5 Traditional Awnings.


Caffe Nero – Queen Victoria Street

Presenting us with all the usual conservation issues such a high profile area can present, S-Zone also had the additional challenge of supplying this Caffe Nero store with a series of Traditional Awnings with many fixing issues to overcome.

After a full site survey followed by regular discussions with the projects architects and shop fitters, Shade Zone were able to specify a Traditional Awning system.

Caffe Nero

McDonalds – Beckton, East London

With the potential for an outside eating area, this McDonalds on a busy retail park in Beckton, East London required outside coverage to give their customers the option to enjoy their food alfresco.

Having previously supplied many other of the chains' stores with McDonalds corporate coloured branded parasols, this store approached us with the additional requirement for heating and lighting. This would be the first time that a McDonalds had outside heating within the UK, and they asked that the Shade Zone supplied a full risk assessment for this specific project, which was already a standard part of any installation we do.

To cover the area required, Shade Zone supplied two 4m x 3m branded jumbrellas, installed side by side, with pre-wired heating and lighting for easy installation. Guttering was also supplied to run between the parasols, to eliminate any rain dripping between them.


Seagrave Primary School

Contacted by the school with a requirement for outside retractable coverage, we attended site for our initial site survey and were soon confronted with many obstructions with regards to fixing any kind of structure to the area in question.

This problem had led to several knock backs from other suppliers, so the Shade Zone was immediately keen to offer the school a series of solutions, suitable for their surroundings.

After several discussions and a second site visit, the school eventually opted for a manually operated retractable awning measuring 5metres in width, with a 4metre projection.

Mounted off galvanised and powder coated clearance brackets, we were able to mount the awning from the schools preferred wall of choice, giving them the coverage in the exact area they required.

Seagrave Primary School

De Montfort Hall, Leicester

A prestigious venue located in Leicester, the hall plays host to many of the regions high profile live events and needed a covered outside area for those attending.

After surveying the two areas and discussing several options, the venue finally opted for two large High Tensile Parasols.

Used and reported wind speeds of 100kmh, the 4.2m square units mounting tubes had to be cemented in to 1m cubed concrete pads, with the Shade Zone undertaking all the excavation and ground works. Once the concrete had cured, a second installation team attended site to assemble and erect the High Tensile Parasols.

De Montfort Hall

Guide Post Hotel, Bradford

Keen to give their hotel an additional welcoming feature, this Best Western owned hotel wanted a retractable awning to project from the hotels main entrance.

Mounted off galvanised and powder coated clearance brackets, to overcome the restricted fixings dilemma we faced, the Shade Zone supplied the hotel with an end fixed retractable awning system.

Liaising with local electricians, the electrically operated awning also came complete with a vibration sensor for automatic retraction in high winds.

Guide Post Hotel

Colsterworth Methodist Church, South Grantham

Given the opportunity to advise the church committee about best options available for the required coverage, the Shade Zone attended site to survey exactly what the church had in terms of mounting and dimensions.

Identifying a suitable wall for mounting, the Shade Zone quoted, supplied and installed a retractable full cassette awning system which would offer coverage over the area where the church playgroup enjoyed its outside playtime.

Colsterworth Methodist Church

Greater John Street Hotel

Transformed from an old Victorian School House, when the Greater John Street Hotel, Manchester required a traditional awning solution, and because of the listed building status the building had, it was no surprise that the design and install of the traditional awnings would come with many challenges. The traditional awning bespoke ironmongery, which made up the awning support arms, had to be manufactured to ensure it gave no obstructions to the hotels original features. Also fitted with sliding arms for maximum projection, these traditional awnings had to compliment the Victorian era surroundings. To ensure this, the Victorian awnings design had to be done so with a close relationship with the hotels designated architects.

Also known as a Victorian Awnings, Butcher Awnings or a Pull-Down Awnings, our traditional awnings are aesthetically pleasing, as well as being exceptionally strong, and fit in perfectly with the hotels past Victorian heritage.

Greater John Street Hotel

Mr Hines

When the request came to carry out a site survey on a private residence, it was explained to us that the client required some outside coverage within what was a country house courtyard. The clients aim was to have an outside area for entertaining friends and family.

After the initial meeting, the S-Zone put forward several proposals all based around our retractable canopy and side screen range. Based on its location, discussions with the client and budget, a wooden retractable canopy system was eventually ordered. Ultimately, it was considered the wooden structured retractable canopy was best suited to the existing surroundings.

Once installed, the wooden retractable canopy integrated perfectly with its country surroundings, giving the client the outside area required, along with adding a new dimension to the properties courtyard.

Mr Hines

Caphe House

This small café invited the S-Zone to offer them an alfresco solution for a small space that had been allocated to them. The space itself sat across the road from the cafe itself, so we needed to offer a solution that tied the outside area with the cafe itself.

What we subsequently supplied were 2 off 3m x 4m parasols. Additionally we supplied café barriers with the café company logo digitally printed to the banners themselves. The parasols offered customers the projection and the café barriers gave the whole area an enclosed feel.

Caphe House

Chisou Restaurant

This Japanese restaurant offered the S-Zone the chance to offer a canopy solution for its store in Chiswick, London.

After discussing several types of canopies with the customer, including a dutch canopy and an eclipse canopy, it was finally decided that a french canopy would be the most suited.

Once decided, 3 french canopies were fitted in total to the restaurant front.

Chisou Restaurant

Old Fleet School – Hull

To meet with Ofsted requirements, the school had to offer a play area which the children could still use when raining. Wanting a durable structure, with the means of being able to put away each night, an Alutex Retractable Canopy system was quoted, ordered and subsequently installed.

Because of the area involved, two units coupled together were installed. Even though the Alutex units had a motor fitted to each of them, it was possible for them to be both operated from the same remote control.

Old Fleet School

The Riverbank Pub, Nottingham

The S-Zone has been heavily involved in the £1.5m renovation of The Riverbank Pub, Nottingham.

As part of the restoration work, with an outside terrace overlooking the River Trent, the bars owners wanted to add an outside dimension to the premises, to compliment what would eventually be a 250 capacity bar and 110 seat restaurant.

What we at the S-Zone set out to do was to evaluate the area involved and, after a series of discussions with the proprietors, offer a fully electrically operated Patiola retractable canopy system to give them a stylish covered alfresco area.

After submitting several proposed solutions, the retractable canopy The S-Zone supplied and installed had a total span of 15 meters, made up of 3 Patiola units coupled together, all operating via a single remote handset. The Patiola retractable canopy also had a projection of 4 meters.

Riverbank Nottingham

Caffé Nero, Various sites across the UK

S-Zone commercial awnings, parasols and café barriers can be seen at Caffe Nero stores all over the country.

The café barriers and small parasols we supply have the Caffe Nero logo digitally printed onto them and since we initially started supplying this leading high street coffee chain, we have updated the café post and cross beam design, as well as the banner material, on several occasions. This ensures the S-Zone offers our customer the most up to date, reliable and cost effective café barrier solutions available.

Additionally, with the stores being located within many different building styles, the S-Zone has had to be able to adapt and offer varying styles of awnings and canopies; including Dutch Canopies, French Canopies, Eclipse Canopies, as well as electrically operated awnings and traditional awnings.

Caffé Nero

Various Moto Services Stations

The S-Zone has been able to supply and fit large Jumbrella style large parasols, complete with the company logo digitally printed onto the covering fabric. Offering many different sizes and base options, our parasols have been able to be installed in all manner of locations around several motorway service stations, including decked and concreted areas.

Moto Services Station >

Costa Coffee, Various Moto Services Stations

Costa Coffe had decided to carry out a re-branding of its stores and the S-Zone became involved in supplying them with newly branded Large Parasol for their service station outlets. With artwork supplied by the chain, the S-Zone had the logos printed on to the Large Parasols valances.

Costa Coffee

Tam Tam Bar, Hull

With a need to supply a covered outside area with only a small space available, the S-Zone supplied and installed an electrically operated retractable awning, involving two Markilux 1500 awning mounted side my side. The retractable awnings themselves, when extended, covered a series of outside tables, giving the proprietors an area which allows their customers to enjoy a drink shaded from the sun during fine weather and protection from the rain in less favourable conditions.

Tam Tam Bar

Paull Primary School, East Yorkshire

As a means of giving waiting/queuing parents weather projection, the S-Zone installed a lean to canopy to the schools main entrance.

With a steel powder coated frame, the lean to canopy was manufactured to match the schools existing colour scheme, ensuring its physical integration with the main building was as seamless as possible.

Paull Primary School

Rosemead Sports Pavilion, Hull

A requirement for two retractable awnings came from the local council to be installed at a sports facility that required cover from a small hatch serving food and drink, and a second larger awning for cover for spectators. Using Weinor K2000 awnings, install was made more of a challenge because of the need for bespoke awning brackets to project the awnings to avoid clashing with the existing guttering.

Rosemead Pavilion

HMS Sultan, Gosport

The S-Zone has supplied and installed many smoking shelters since the smoking ban was introduced in 2007. When the naval base HMS Sultan contacted us asking for something to be installed within a roof top garden area, they also gave the stipulation for a wooden structure.

What we recommended, and subsequently supplied and installed, was a 6000mm x 3000mm Andalucía Pavilion.

After its successful installation, such was it to the clients liking, they immediately bought a second identical Andalucía Pavilion, for the same garden.

HMS Sultan

Octagon Centre, Hull

The centre had a requirement to offer outdoor playing areas, which could offer the children weather protection when required.

The first area consisted of us installing a wooden lean to canopy leading from the centre to an outdoor play area, to compliment decking which already existed. Part of the lean to canopy was to give coverage to part of this decked area, giving the client what appeared to be a single seamless solution.

A further two lean to canopies were also supplied and installed, leading from the centre to fenced-off outdoor play areas.

This meant the centre had three separate play areas that could still be utilised when the weather would normally dictate that the children went back indoors, because of the coverage offered by the lean to canopies installed.

Octagon Centre

Cafe Ritazza, Various Moto Service Stations

With the chain looking to update it service station outlets, the S-Zone supplied them with Giant Parasols with the chain logo digitally printed onto the valance. With a number of different sizes available, the S-Zone was able to supply and install the Giant Parasols regardless of the area available.

Cafe Ritazza