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Commercial Awnings: Outdoor, Retractable and Free-Standing Awnings

Not only do commercial awnings offer protection for your customers it dramatically transforms the appearance of your premises creating that "Alfresco" atmosphere adding space and turnover.

You can choose from our extensive range of outdoor awnings, victorian awnings, and traditional awnings, choose your colour and pattern as well as alternative operating system. Your awning can be manually or electrically operated. (Electric operation awnings via either a security key switch or a hand held remote control awnings).

All our systems are manufactured to our high standards using years of experience. They are all carefully designed to provide reliability and long life. Each awning is assembled using top quality components and fabric, which with regular maintenance can enhance your image.

Weinor Type I 2000 Awnings

As you like it

When such contrasting things as technology and aesthetics work well together, we talk of inner harmony. Not many products harmonise as impressively as the classically elegant cassette awnings I 2000 and K 2000. Both can be combined and extended as required and are available in widths of up to 6.5 m (or coupled units up to 12 m) and with up to 4 m projection.

Our classic cassette awnings bringing technology and aesthetics together in harmony are called the I 2000 or K 2000. While the I 2000 - which is designed for places protected from the weather, such as under the rafters - is open on the wall side, the K 2000 - with its additional back wall section - is a completely enclosed cassette.

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Weinor Type I 2000 awnings

Weinor Type N 2000 Awnings

Perfectly integrated Outdoor Awnings

Magic? Not at all. Yet another pretty good idea from weinor. The N 2000 is a niche awning that, when retracted, disappears virtually entirely into the wall. When not in use, the awning is housed safely and protected from the weather in the awning casing that is integrated into a niche in the wall, making it virtually invisible. The harmonious appearance of the façade remains.

Our awning that has been specially designed for installation in wall niches is called the N 2000. Both the awning casing and the front rail are square-shaped to allow them to blend in perfectly with the niche in question. The N 2000 comes with weinor's ultramodern, high-quality awning engineering that ensures easy operation, reliability and durability.

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Weinor Type N 2000

Weinor Topas Awnings

Excellent value for money awnings

The simple things in life, like the bunch of flowers you have picked yourself, are often the most attractive ones. This is also true of the weinor Topas awning without a box. It scores high marks for its high quality at a very good price. Be it an inexpensive patio awning or the Topas MiniMax for narrow but deep balconies, the Topas is always a good choice.

Our compact entry model with balanced looks and a very good price-performance ratio is called the Topas. This model has attractive details such as the gutter incorporated into the front rail or the fabric fixing to provide optimum fabric tension. The Topas is available with or without an aluminium protective canopy for wall, ceiling or rafter mounting, and, as a coupled unit, it can be up to 12 m wide.

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Weinor Topas

Winsol Sombrero Awnings

Folding Arm Compact Cassetted Awning

The Sombrero is a stylish fully enclosed compact cassette awning that nearly folds away and compliments any area.

The Sombrero is a compact awning where both fabric and folding arm mechanisms are protected from the elements by a neat stylish cassette. Each Sombrero awning is manufactured to sit your requirements, creating an exciting and unique outdoor living space.

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Winsol Sombrero

Markilux 1000 Awning

Remarkably round. Totally logical. Typically Markilux.

The Markilux 100 is created by renowned designers and is known for its round, homogeneous transition from the round torque bar to the round roller tube. It is conspicuously elegant and with its novel curved connecting piece with a colourful decorative stripe, it creates an attractive visual effect for any patio or balcony. For long-lasting attractiveness the awning has been powder coated.

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Markilux 1000

Traditional Awnings

Practical and Aesthetically Pleasing.

Traditional shop blinds and awnings have been used since Victorian days and they are still in great demand today, for both practical and aesthetic purposes. Their presence enhances a multitude of shop fronts and graces the most modern high street. They provide highly effective yet elegant protection from sunlight and rain, offer excellent promotional opportunities and, since the smoking ban was introduced, are increasingly in demand from cafés and restaurants where outdoor undercover seating is required.

One of the most efficient methods of protecting frontages from the elements and thereby reducing the need for cooling mechanisms and sun protection screens, their lasting popularity can also be attributed to their robust construction, which enables them to withstand higher wind forces than any folding-arm system currently on the market.

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Traditional Awnings

Weinor Duofix Awnings

Attractive and flexible awnings.

Anyone using public space for outdoor catering knows how vital it is to have flexible shading configurations that can be disassembled as and when needed. For this reason, weinor has developed a free-standing structure which allows you to fit a variety of awnings, yet is still flexible.

Our free standing awning support structure which allows you to fit awnings on both sides to shade especially large open spaces and locations goes by the name Duofix. As a beer tent or shading for sizeable social gatherings, the weinor Duofix textile shade roofing is the perfect solution. With the Duofix, no walls are required to attach the awnings, and the awnings themselves can be opened individually as and when needed. Removable stone bases give the structure its sturdiness and flexibility. This design allows you to assemble and disassemble your shade roofing wherever it is needed.

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Weinor Duofix

Markilux 790 Awnings

The markilux for side protection.

The markilux 790 roller is hidden in a narrow compact cassette that is fitted vertically on the wall and protects the cover from dirt and dust when it is retracted. When required the awning is pulled out using the handle and inserted in a fixture post or a wall connection profile. The strong spring tensioner guarantees that the cover tension is taut.

The wall cassette can be fitted comfortably and without any difficulties using universal fastening points. The fixture post can either be fastened in a ground sleeve or using a footplate. There is also a wall connection profile in which the handle is hooked in place, if the side awning is to be fastened between two walls.

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Markilux 790

Dutch Canopies

The traditional choice.

Dutch canopies have been the product of choice for decades in both commercial and domestic situations. Available in a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes, the ever functional canopy provides an opportunity to increase your premises visual impact. It is available in a range of fabrics which have been tested and are guaranteed against fading, mildew & rot. The fabric has been designed to eliminate the dazzle and heat, and will filter a minimum 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays.

The Dutch Canopies are available in an infinite choice of sizes and shapes available up to 6m in width and a maximum projection of 1.8m. They are manufactured from high quality aluminium components which are formed to produce an array of different shapes and styles. They're operated as standard by cord with options for rod crank and electric operations and the frame work is available in anodised aluminium with different powder coated finishes available. There are over 200 choices in Acrylic fabrics available to choose from. The Orchestra range has been designed and manufactured specifically for use on awning systems.

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Dutch Canopies