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Timber Furniture

Derby 8 Seater Picnic Bench

An exceptionally large, heavy and robust picnic bench which comfortably seats 8 adults. The square design of the table top allows ample space for work or dining pleasure.

Derby Picnic Bench

Octagonal 8 Seater Picnic Bench

This stylish bench is as stylish as it is practical. The table has easy seating access for up to 8 adults.

Octagonal Picnic Bench

Sherwood Round 8 Seater Picnic Bench

This attractive heavy duty outdoor picnic bench comes at a standard table height suitable for adults.

Sherwood Round

Whopper 8 Seater Picnic Bench

Enhancing the comprehensive range of traditional picnic benches is the Cotswold 8 seater bench. A large and robust bench.

Whopper Picnic Bench