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Residential Awnings

Not only does an awning offer protection for your family and friends it dramatically transforms the appearance of your home creating a unique outdoor living space.

You can choose from our extensive range of awnings, victorian awnings, and traditional awnings, choose your colour and pattern as well as alternative operating system. Your awning can be manually or electrically operated. (Electric operation via either a security key switch or a hand held remote control).

All our systems are manufactured to our high standards using years of experience. They are all carefully designed to provide reliability and long life. Each awning is assembled using top quality components and fabric, which with regular maintenance can enhance your home.

Winsol Sombrero Awnings

Folding Arm Compact Cassetted Awning

The Sombrero is a stylish fully enclosed compact cassette awning that nearly folds away and compliments any home or garden.

The Sombrero is a compact awning where both fabric and folding arm mechanisms are protected from the elements by a neat stylish cassette. Each Sombrero awning is manufactured to sit your requirements, creating an exciting and unique outdoor living space.

Contact our Sales team on:01482 481050

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Winsol Sombrero

Markilux 1000 Awnings

Remarkably round. Totally logical. Typically Markilux.

The Markilux 100 is created by renowned designers and is known for its round, homogeneous transition from the round torque bar to the round roller tube. It is conspicuously elegant and with its novel curved connecting piece with a colourful decorative stripe, it creates an attractive visual effect for any patio or balcony. For long-lasting attractiveness the awning has been powder coated.

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Markilux 1000

Markilux 1500 Awnings

The markilux to suit all tastes.

A semi-cassette awning with gas tensioned arms. The oval-shaped gas tensioned arms ensure a taut cover. The 50 mm round steel torque bar is extremely twist-resistant and the roller has a powerful, 85 mm diameter.

The brilliant style of the markilux 1500 has been distinguished with an iF Product Design Award. The elegant aluminium moving arm part closes together with the attractive top gutter of the semi-cassette in complete harmony.

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Markilux 1500

Markilux 6000

The markilux 6000 is a cassette awning brimming with innovative ideas and new technologies.

Three different style lines - Club, Studio and Lounge - are perfectly matched to the range of styles seen in home architectures. The scope of design offers something for every taste, from the colorful through to the refined classical. Each line has its own range of colour and design options, which create individual accents to suit every preference.

Die markilux 6000 is a cassette awning with a newfolding element in the arm hinge, aptly named the "bionic cord". The latest highlight from the markilux-innovations team! This completely new technology ensures the friction-free, noiseless bending of the folding arms, every time.

Contact our Sales team on:01482 481050

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Markilux 6000